What If a $20,000,000 Divorce Firm Handed You Their Marketing Plan?

Cardinal Concepts is the only marketing company co-founded and operated by divorce lawyers and marketers who remain in charge of their own high level divorce firms.

We Don’t Just Preach, We Also Practice Divorce & Family Law

Every day, Cardinal Concepts CEO David Crum, Esq., along with Co-Founder and CMO Brent Harkins, are hard at work with their teams creating, testing, and implementing cutting-edge marketing for their own law firms dominating national markets.

Cardinal Concepts provides ready to use, tested and proven marketing campaigns that are already being used successfully in other markets. We call it the “Launch and Earn™,” marketing model that has helped grow our own divorce and family law firms by 60% year over year and can help you do the same.

Let Our Law Firms Help Grow Yours

Cardinal Concepts full-funnel marketing strategies will generate highly qualified, cost-effective leads straight to your inbox. Our nurture sequences and sales process help turn those leads to consults, and consults to clients.

The Cardinal Concepts team knows that if your firm suddenly explodes with prospects and clients, you might just need some help managing that as well and we have a solution for that too.


Search Engine Optimization that drives quality, organic traffic to your website

Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns that are optimized for maximum ROI and new client leads

Social media marketing that actually works by using highly targeted audiences and engaging content

Content marketing that differentiates you from your competitors and attracts clients

Email follow-up sequences that keep you in front of potential clients and close more business

Reputation management that gets you more 5-star reviews, local search ranking, and clients

Practice Management

An easy-to-use new client sales process to increase your conversion rates and lower your CPA

Technology stacks to automate tasks and make your team more efficient than ever

An executive level reporting system that puts your firm’s performance at your fingertips

A best-in-class budgeting and growth tool, plus a master planning method to jump start your business

A system for performing consistent performance evaluations to keep your team happy and focused

Ongoing coaching and consulting designed around your needs

Strategic Partners

We Work With Only One Firm Per City

Due to the nature of our content and campaigns, we do not have any overlap in markets. That means the sooner your firm signs with us, the sooner you guarantee your competition can’t use our materials or services.

A Tried-and-True Growth Plan

There’s an overwhelming number of things to master in a successful law firm and that’s ok with us! We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

We will partner with you to create a customized growth plan addressing your individual needs by leveraging our existing campaigns and best practices that can be rolled out in days, not weeks.

Free Competitive Analysis


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