The Cardinal Concepts Story

The culmination of years of experience, passion for helping others, and the desire to disrupt.

A Data Driven Content Marketer Meets a High-Flying Entrepreneur

When they first met in Denver, Brent Harkins was a rising marketing star in the luxury travel space, and David Crum was an entrepreneurial-minded divorce attorney with a number of law firms to his name and a background in direct response marketing. After their first meeting, David asked Brent to join him in an ambitious plan.

The two of them would first launch a completely new divorce and family law firm in the insanely competitive Denver market; from there they would launch a multi-component information product into the national divorce market; and finally, they would form a new marketing and consulting company that would service David’s firms in Colorado, New Mexico and Nebraska as well as provide services to divorce and family law firms across the United States. AND, all of this would be done using cutting edge technology and marketing tools that would allow their attorney clients to dominate their markets while still enjoying a healthy work/life balance.

Law Firms and a Marketing Company

As luck would have it, the Denver firm (Colorado Legal Group) scaled quickly, with the firm doing over 800 paid consultations in only its third year in practice (no, that is not a typo). David and Brent grew Nebraska Legal Group into the largest divorce firm in Nebraska and did the same thing with New Mexico Legal Group in New Mexico. And finally (obviously, or you wouldn’t be here) David and Brent formed Cardinal Concepts, through which they continue to transform the lives of divorce attorneys nationwide.

Why We Share Our Secrets

It’s no secret that the divorce and family law sector is highly competitive. Firms constantly are fighting for an edge in the market through a variety of tactics. We’ve been there, heck we are there with our own firms. What differentiated us is Brent and David’s persistent attention to detail and constantly challenging the status quo. In their pursuant of excellence, they had to say goodbye to partners they outgrew, work with new experts who they could learn from and make themselves better in the process.

What they discovered is that the legal field is highly targeted for marketing services because it is believed attorneys have money to spend without the understanding or time to monitor strategy and results. From the largest legal marketing agencies, to boutiques, to solo-shops – we’ve seen all that they have to offer. It’s not to say there aren’t some talented individuals helping law firms but but no one else does it quite the way we do. 

What It’s Like to Work with Us

It’s undeniably awesome. What drives our marketing and coaching services is something we call the “launch and earn,” model. It’s a way for our clients to leverage the decades of work and research we have done in their own practices, without having to do the painstaking work necessary to implement a high-level marketing and business plan.

How Can We Help?