Content Marketing Strategy & Creation that Connects with Divorce and Family Law Clients

Content is the core of all marketing. Uniquely position yourself from the competition, establish expertise, and build rapport that creates raving fans out of prospects and clients alike.

Content Marketing

Templated or Curated, We Have the Content Your Firm Needs

Different law firms have different needs, we have solutions for all. Whether you need a custom content strategy or would like to license and white label one of our existing eBooks, emails, or lead magnets, Cardinal Concepts can help.

Divorce and Family Law Content Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be Boring or Intimidating

Photography for Law Firms and Attorneys

We see it all too often, websites and marketing materials completely made up of stock photography. Put a face to your firm and services with proprietary photography that you’ll get years of use out of.

The Cardinal Concepts Content Difference

Over 25 years of practicing law and decades of marketing merge for beautiful blend of legally accurate and conversational content adding value to your reader’s experience.

Cardinal Concepts

Content is internally developed and attorney approved

Highly creative and engaging content optimized for client conversion

Proprietary photography that will make you look like a badass

The Competition

Written by marketing generalists or outsourced

Bland content written for search bots and other attorneys

Stock photography with cliché legal references (just say no to gavels)

Legal Content Marketing FAQs

The average cost of content marketing for divorce and family law firms can start as low as $1,000 per project and go up to the tens of thousands depending on the scope of work. Each agency charges their own unique rate for content marketing services. Some agencies charge on an hourly basis while others may bill you based on the project as a whole. It’s important to evaluate these things when hiring someone for content marketing services. At Cardinal Concepts we charge a flat fee based on your needs. Contact us directly for a quote.

Law firms should invest in content marketing, because content is king! Without high quality content, law firms can’t expect to have a high quality website or advertising materials that will attract the high quality leads they’re looking for. Additionally, your law firm’s content is what will help you get found on Google. Law firms should prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to content. Google is looking for sites that have pages with a minimum of 850+ words with relevant and useful information.

Content marketing plays a direct role in attracting new clients from paid and organic sources. Without content you have no ads for social media or Google. Furthermore, content and SEO go hand in hand. SEO is what helps new users organically find your law firm on Google, so prioritizing SEO is essential. In order to have a strong SEO presence you need strong content. Without strong content it’s nearly impossible to succeed with SEO. Putting effort into the content you share will help you attract clients and establish your subject matter expertise.

When it comes to creating high quality content it is important to understand who your ideal client is and what they’re looking for. Creating new content on a regular basis is important, but it is even more important to make sure you are creating the right type of content. Having strong service pages should be your number one priority, from there you can update as needed. Creating strong blog posts and FAQ pages are also great forms of content that potential new clients are most likely already searching for.

Licensed Content

law firm eBook
Pre-Written eBooks Available to White Label

Written by David, optimized by Brent, we have three powerful eBooks that can be branded for any divorce and family law firm. 

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Simply plug-and-play in your social media marketing, email marketing, and website to begin adding value to prospects and clients alike.

These are area-exclusive so contact us to learn about availability.

We Work With Only One Firm Per City

Due to the nature of our content and campaigns, we do not have any overlap in markets. That means the sooner your firm signs with us, the sooner you guarantee your competition can’t use our materials and services.

Content Marketing for Divorce and Family Law Firms

Become a thought leader and fan favorite in your market through engaging content.

We will partner with you to leverage what we’ve done for our own law firms combined with a customized plan to put your firm in the position to beat out the competition.

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