Divorce & Family Law Mastermind Group

Real breakthroughs in your practice, personal, and professional lives. Join like-minded attorneys and entrepreneurs in an engaging and hands-on environment led by David Crum, Esq.

What Do Most Successful Lawyers and Business Leaders Have in Common?

You guessed it. Most successful business people share the common experience of being in a high level mastermind group of their peers. While business seminars, CLES, books, videos, and even coaching can, and should be, a part of your professional life, there is nothing quite like being in a room with an entire group of people who are doing what you are doing in a highly successful way and are also invested and interested in your success as much as their own.

David’s First Experience in a High-Level Mastermind Group

In a word … it was humbling. I was sitting in a hotel conference room in Atlanta with a room full of high performing direct response marketers. Now, I though I was a smart, fast implementing, creative marketer, but the truth was that I had an awful lot to learn, and there were people in that room that were miles ahead of me. But the cool part was that I had something to give to the team as well, and as we began to gel as a group, everyone was happy to push each other to the right answers to their questions. I stayed in that group for two years and the experience there was life changing. Whether it was in formal teaching sessions, during our many “hot seats,” or just informal conversation over drinks, the things I learned in my first mastermind group changed my life forever.

Being a Part of The Cardinal Concepts Mastermind Group

Each year we put together a Mastermind Group of Divorce attorneys from across the United States who are interested in making real breakthroughs in their practices and in their personal and professional lives. The group size is limited so that everyone can get the maximum experience from being in the group. Access to the Mastermind is by invitation only and we ask each prospective member to submit an application.

David Crum

Over the last 25 years, I’ve discovered that a successful divorce and family law firm MUST focus on 8 essential categories as they apply to the firm. When a firm simply focuses on the most important items in these categories, it’s like rocket fuel in terms of performance, revenue, and new clients.

– David Crum, Esq.

The Mile High City, Hot Seats, and an Awesome Restaurant Scene

As a member of the Cardinal Concepts Mastermind Group, here’s what you get.

Submit Your Application for Our Mastermind Group Today

The deadline for application to the 2022 Cardinal Concepts Mastermind Group is December 15, 2021. Membership is limited so please apply early. We look forward to reviewing your application.

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