Divorce & Family Law Marketing

Creative, data-driven, marketing campaigns and strategies that are ready to Launch and Earn™ for your firm.

Our Law Firms Help to Grow Your Law Firm

We hate to be the ones to tell you but there is no silver bullet to marketing your law firm. But that’s ok, we’ve done it for our own firms and can do it for you through a mix of rigorously tested and proven strategy, channels, and campaigns that are ready to be plugged right into your own divorce and family law practice.

Cardinal Concepts Colorado Legal Group
Cardinal Concepts Divorce Family Law Firm Marketing
How We Grew Colorado Legal Group 60% Year-Over-Year, Back-to-Back Years!

With so many “experts” and agencies targeting attorneys these days, we are the only team that is executing these services for our own law firms and have the results to prove it.

We Work With Only One Firm Per City

If we’re helping a firm acquire clients, how could we help one of their own competitors? Simple, we don’t. With no overlap in markets, the sooner your firm signs with Cardinal Concepts, the sooner you guarantee your competition can’t.

A Tried-and-True Growth Plan

There’s an overwhelming number of things to master in a successful law firm and that’s ok with us! We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

We will partner with you to create a customized growth plan addressing your individual needs leveraging our existing campaigns and best practices that can be rolled out in days, not weeks.

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