How We Grew Colorado Legal Group’s Marketing KPI’s 60% and Revenue 110%


The US Legal Groups network of divorce and family law firms were ready to expand their existing footprint to a new market. While evaluating viable cities Denver, Colorado stuck out as an attractive option due to its fast growth, highly educated work force, and quality of life.

While there was a lot to like, there were significant obstacles and meaningful barriers to entry that less experienced entrepreneurs, attorneys, and marketers would have been unprepared to face.


With the doors open and incurring expenses, there was an immediate need to begin generating revenue. Both short-term and long-term strategies were implemented for quick wins and positioning for the future.

By the Numbers

Adhering to our marketing principals we increased annual revenue in a massive way through an increase in leads, consults, and clients.

Attorney Paige Gleason

Starting a law firm from scratch is scary. When we set out to launch, David and Brent laid out a business and marketing plan, rolled with the punches, and through their persistent pursuit of success lead our divorce and family law firm to exactly where they promised. Their ambitious goals which once seemed out of reach at the time, now seem mundane with their ability to continue to scale and grow the firm.

– Paige Gleason, Esq.