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Outrank your competition in organic and local search results in the most highly competitive keywords using proven strategies that have our own law firms ranking #1 in their markets.

What Should Attorneys Know About Search Engine Optimization?

While we can nerd out on SEO for days, it’s important for attorneys to have an understanding of the work that goes into generating first-page organic search results.


Heard of World-Wide-Web? Well search engines are the spiders that crawl the web. In order for your site to be crawled and indexed, factors like speed, structure, and mobile experience matter.


Content is king making you the ruler of your website’s on-site messaging and experience. Optimized content for search terms, credibility, meta titles and tags bring it all together.


Building your site’s Domain Authority is the ultimate goal and the arguably fastest way to do so is through link building with other reputable sites, local search, and social media.

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Why SEO Is One of The Best Investments Your Law Firm Can Make

Consistent attention and effort to SEO will create a reliable source of leads for your law firm at a cost-effective ROI. While search engines like Google are constantly monetizing placements, organic search remains the most trusted search result by consumers.

How Our Mistakes & Experience Will Lead to Your Success

Years ago, before launching Cardinal Concepts we paid an agency partner thousands of dollars a month for SEO services for our own law firms only to discover they weren’t doing ANYTHING upon audit. Cardinal Concept’s consistent effort will result in quick wins coupled with long-term search strength. Contact us and we’ll be happy to share how our bad experience can save you from the same.

We Work With Only One Firm Per City

If we’re helping a firm rank, how could we help one of their competitors? Simple, we don’t. With no overlap in markets, the sooner your firm signs with Cardinal Concepts, the sooner you guarantee your competition can’t.

SEO for Divorce and Family Law

Tired of your SEO efforts getting nowhere or don’t know where to start?

We will partner with you to leverage what we’ve done for our own law firms combined with a customized plan to put your firm in the position to rank above the rest.

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