Launch and Earn™ PPC Advertising for Attorneys

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising will make or break your law firm. Luckily, we’ve already cracked the code and have campaigns tested and optimized from our own law firms which can acquire client’s day one creating a positive marketing ROI for you and your firm.

Divorce and family law firm marketing

Pay-Per-Click Google Ads for Divorce and Family Law Firms

Skip the trial and error of keyword structure, targeting, and budgeting with our launch and earn Google Ads search campaigns built specifically for the clients you want and leaving the costly, unqualified clicks for the competition.

Turn Your Services Into Engaging Conversion Opportunities With PPC Campaigns Built for Clients

Where You Can Target Clients

Targeted pay-per-click advertising allows attorneys to reach prospective clients when they’re actively and passively evaluating law firms.

We Work With Only One Firm Per City

If we’re helping a firm acquire clients, how could we help one of their own competitors? Simple, we don’t. With no overlap in markets, the sooner your firm signs with Cardinal Concepts, the sooner you guarantee your competition can’t.

PPC for Divorce and Family Law

Impressions and clicks not cutting it? Generate leads that convert to clients with our Launch and Earn campaigns or enhancements to your existing PPC efforts.

We will partner with you to leverage what we’ve done for our own law firms combined with a customized plan to put your firm in the position to beat out the competition.

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