Reputation Management for Attorneys and Law Firms

How to get your clients to post more 5-star reviews and what to do with those nasty negative reviews.

Here's How We Do It

Cardinal Concepts has developed a highly effective system for obtaining 5-star reviews from clients and responding to negative online reviews. This system can ramp up your positive reviews and help you monitor and respond when a client posts something negative.

Automatic and Consistent Requests for Client Reviews

The most important part of reputation management is consistently requesting 5-star reviews from your best clients. With our reputation management services, you will have access to a software platform and our custom templates that make this a snap. One key feature of our request system is utilizing texting to allow your clients to post to desired sites including Google, AVVO, and Facebook.

Accurate Monitoring of All Online Review Platforms

To effectively monitor your online reputation, you need to know what’s out there, and you need to know it the minute it gets posted. Our services provide timely reporting of all online reviews that are posted on all major review sites.

Timely (and Ethical) Responses to Your Negative Reviews

This is by far the worst part of managing your reputation, but it must be done, and it must be done correctly. In addition to timely notifications of negative online reviews, our clients also have access to three critical tools to assist them in preparing responses to negative reviews:

  1. Our Cardinal Concepts Best Practices Guide for Responding to Reviews;
  2. An up-to-date legal memorandum written for divorce lawyers that will help guide your responses;
  3. Sample language that can be used selectively in your responses.

Our Results Speak for Themself

Law Firm Reputation Management

Colorado Legal Group was launched in September 2018 and by the end of 2021 were the highest-rated divorce and family law firm in Denver with over 100 Google reviews.

Acquiring authentic 5-star reviews from actual clients is the social proof your firm needs when prospective clients are evaluating you against your competitors. That is why we put an emphasis on reviews for our own firms and our clients.

We Work With Only One Firm Per City

If we’re helping a client acquire clients, how could we help one of their own competitors? Simple, we don’t. With no overlap in markets, the sooner your firm signs with Cardinal Concepts, the sooner you guarantee your competition can’t.

Become a 5-Star Firm Through Reputation Management

Take control of your online presence by generating more 5-star reviews, addressing negative reviews, and standing out from the competition in your local area generating more clients in turn.

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