5 Email Sequences Your Law Firm Can’t Live Without

Everything your law firm needs to nurture and acquire more clients with email marketing.

Ready to Convert More Consults and Clients Using Email?

We have outlined the most important email sequences and the emails within each that your law firm needs to acquire more clients. 

Brent Harkins

I’m left in disbelief at the willingness attorneys have to spend money on PPC marketing with a total lack of CRM and email marketing strategy in place. If you’re an attorney spending money on client acquisition but don’t have a thoughtful email program, this eBook is for you.

– Brent Harkins, Cardinal Concepts CMO

Ready to Convert More Consults and Clients Using Email?

There’s an overwhelming number of things to master in a successful email marketing strategy and that’s ok with us! We’ve created this eBook to share the decades of experience and learning that lead to a $10,000,000 divorce and family law practice.

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