Local Services Ads Introduced to Google Maps for Attorneys

Attorneys have been able to advertise within Google’s local map pack search results through Google Ads by using the location assets feature to show local search ads. Having Google Ads display in the map has resulted in limited impressions in our experience, that will be changing with the introduction of Local Services Ads.

Google Enhances Local Ads with Maps Integration for Legal Services

Google is expanding its Local Services Ads (LSAs) by integrating them into the Google Maps app, starting with iOS. This new feature aims to provide advertisers with more opportunities to reach potential customers who are actively searching for services nearby. This development is set to simplify advertising and enhance phone call lead generation directly from the navigation platform.

Local Services Ads LSAs added to Google Maps Email Announcement

The Significance of this Expansion for Attorneys

This integration brings local business ads to a high-intent user base, increasing the chances for advertisers to generate more leads. Users who search for nearby services on Google Maps are often ready to make immediate decisions, making this audience particularly valuable for law firms.

How It Works

Google will automatically create and display ads on Maps using the data from businesses’ existing Local Services Ads. This means businesses don’t need to provide additional information or make any changes to their current LSA setup. The ads will eventually be featured on both mobile and desktop versions of Google Maps, ensuring wide visibility.

Key Details and Considerations

  • iOS Launch: The initial rollout is limited to the iOS version of Google Maps, with plans to expand to other platforms and devices in the future.
  • Data Usage: Google will utilize existing ad data and user reviews to generate these ads, requiring no additional input from advertisers.
  • Billing and Pricing: The cost structure remains unchanged. Advertisers will be billed the same as they are for existing Local Services Ads, only paying for qualified leads generated through phone calls or messages.
  • Increased Visibility: This integration could significantly increase the visibility of local businesses to users searching for services on Maps, potentially at the moment of need.
  • Mandatory Integration: Advertisers cannot opt out of having their LSAs shown on Maps. This placement bundling could limit flexibility in campaign management and budget allocation.

Benefits of Local Services Ads on Google Maps

  • Enhanced Store Visits: With local search ads, businesses can attract more foot traffic by appearing in relevant searches on Maps.
  • Increased Calls: Ads may include an option for users to call the business directly, using the phone number associated with the location.
  • Improved Business Information Access: Local search ads link to the business’ location page, providing crucial details such as store hours, address, customer reviews, and photos.

Benefits of Local Services Ads on Google Maps

How Local Search Ads Function

Different from LSAs, local search ads are managed through Google Ads allowing for greater demographic and keyword targeting. They are displayed when users search for nearby businesses on Google.com or Google Maps. For instance, a search for “divorce attorney near me” might feature local family law firms at the top of the paid search results or to this point, in the map pack. Our Comprehensive Guide to Google Ads for Divorce Attorneys (no download required) is a great resource for any lawyers looking to learn more on how the advertising platform functions with suggested strategies to excel. 

Potential Challenges

While the integration offers numerous benefits, it also poses some challenges. The inability to separate Maps ads from Search ads could complicate budget management and strategy. In addition, Local Services Ads offer no targeting outside of geographic parameters and services being searched for meaning unqualified prospects may be displayed your ads. Advertisers need to be prepared for the potential impact on their overall advertising budget and plan accordingly.

Advertising Your Law Firm with Google

Google’s integration of Local Services Ads into Google Maps marks a significant step in enhancing local advertising capabilities. For law firms, this update should increase visibility and more opportunities to connect with potential clients. However, advertisers must carefully consider their campaign strategies and budget allocations to make the most of this new feature.

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