4 Key Takeaways From the Best SEO Conference MozCon 2023: AI, Google, Social Media, and SEO

MozCon is widely regarded as one of, if not the best SEO conference for digital marketers. With the latest trends and strategies in the ever-evolving world of SEO, AI, Google, and social media, I’m excited to share some of my favorite things I learned at this year’s MozCon conference. 

The AI Revolution

Last year we knew artificial intelligence was coming and this year it’s here and it isn’t going anywhere. At first AI was viewed as a threat to many individuals especially in the legal industry, but it shouldn’t be and here’s why. Although AI can be an incredibly effective tool for many businesses, it still clearly lacks a human element. Many people may get sloppy and use AI as an end all be all, but this really isn’t the most effective way to leverage these types of tools. You need the human element to be successful. My biggest takeaway in regards to AI is that I want to encourage every law firm to embrace AI as a partner and not a threat. Leverage artificial intelligence as much as you can to speed efficiency, enhance user experiences, and improve the quality of content your firm produces. 

We’re beginning to see that AI isn’t bridging the gap between high performing and lower performing law firms, but only making it larger. Law firms that lean into AI will continue to grow and become stronger, while those that don’t could easily fall behind. It’s up to you to stay on the right side of the gap.

Keeping Up With Google

Navigating the labyrinth of Google’s algorithms has always been a challenge, and MozCon 2023 offered a guiding light. Sessions dedicated to decoding Google’s latest updates and ranking factors provided a roadmap for achieving better search visibility. What stood out was the emphasis on user-centricity. Previously Google put an emphasis on the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) model, which they have since updated to be EEAT  (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). Google’s relentless pursuit of delivering the most relevant and valuable content to users means that aligning our strategies with this goal is paramount. Crafting high-quality, authoritative content and ensuring seamless technical optimization for a prime user experience remain pivotal in winning the search game.

The Evolution of Social Media

The landscape of social media has undergone a profound transformation from when it first began in 1997 and was vividly discussed throughout MozCon’s panels. From ephemeral content to the rise of social commerce, it’s evident that engaging with audiences on these platforms requires a dynamic approach. The power of storytelling, coupled with authenticity, emerged as a winning formula. Understanding the nuances of each platform and tailoring content to resonate with specific audiences is the cornerstone of a successful social media strategy.

Previously, social media didn’t impact SEO and wasn’t highly emphasized by Google. Now, with nearly 5 billion active social media users worldwide, you better believe this is changing. The new future of search combines video, social media posts, news, Q&A, and forum discussions from select sources to create a compilation of authentic viewpoints on a queried topic. Additionally creating social media content with SEO is vital in the future of search.

SEO in 2023

As the conference came to an end, I found myself reflecting on the SEO journey and how much it has changed over the past several years from when I first began my marketing career. The takeaway was clear: SEO is no longer a standalone entity but an integral part of a holistic digital strategy. The synergy between AI, Google, and social media intertwines to create a tapestry of interconnected opportunities. Embracing this synergy is crucial for your law firm to stay ahead in the game and outrank the competition. Adapting to Google’s evolving algorithms, leveraging AI-powered insights, and crafting content that resonates with social media audiences are the pillars that uphold modern SEO and attribute to high performing websites. 

Final Thoughts on MozCon 2023

MozCon 2023 was more than just a conference; it was an expedition into the future of digital marketing and a conference I’d highly encourage any digital marketer to attend. The takeaways listed above left me with a fresh perspective on how our team at Cardinal Concepts can improve our own law firms’ and clients’ digital marketing strategies for success in 2023 and beyond. At Cardinal Concepts we are always educating ourselves on the latest digital marketing strategies whether it be by attending conferences, webinars, or trainings. If you’re looking to improve your law firm’s SEO in 2023 and moving forward, contact us today, we’d be happy to come up with a unique strategy.

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