Using Blogs and FAQ Pages to Improve Law Firm SEO

When it comes to improving your law firm’s SEO, you have a few to improve your website ranking. An easy place to start improving your firm’s SEO is with blog content, FAQ pages, or a combination of the two, which we highly recommend. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what SEO is and how you can use blogs and FAQ pages to improve your law firm’s ranking. We’ll also share some examples of high quality FAQ pages and blog pages!

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher your law firm’s website ranks in SERPs, the more likely potential clients are to find and visit your site.

There are a number of different factors that contribute to a law firm’s SEO. Here are a few factors that come into play when you are trying to optimize blog pages and FAQ pages:

  • The quality and quantity of your law firm’s content
  • The structure and design of your law firm’s website
  • How easy it is for users to navigate your law firm’s website
  • The number and quality of inbound links to your law firm’s website
  • The loading speed of your law firm’s website

Improving SEO with FAQ Pages

FAQ pages, or Frequently Asked Questions pages, are a great way to improve your law firm’s SEO. FAQ pages are typically filled with short, concise answers to common questions that potential clients might have about your law firm or the legal process they are about to enter into. In addition to being helpful for potential clients, FAQ pages can also be very helpful for law firms when it comes to SEO.
One of the reasons why FAQ pages are so effective at improving law firm SEO is because they help to target long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific than general keywords, and they tend to be less competitive. This means that it can be easier for your law firm’s website to rank for long-tail keywords than for general keywords. It is also easier for your clients, because you are serving them the exact content they are already looking for.
Another reason why FAQ pages are effective at improving law firm SEO is that they help to establish your law firm as subject matter experts. When potential clients see that you have answers to their questions, this builds trust and makes them more inclined to hire your law firm. Finally, Google displays “People also ask” questions towards the top of the SERP. These are known as Featured Snippets which Google generally relies on FAQ content for.

Organizing Your FAQ Page

Not all FAQ pages are created equal. In order for a FAQ page to be effective, it needs to have high-quality content that is relevant to your law firm’s practice area and target audience. Some law firms make the mistake of including too much information on their FAQ pages. While it’s important to include enough information to answer potential clients’ questions, you also don’t want to overload them.
It’s also important to make sure that your law firm’s FAQ page is well-organized. Potential new clients should be able to easily find the answers they’re looking for without any difficulty. There are a few different ways to organize FAQ pages, but first it needs to be located somewhere on your home navigation that is easy to find. Some firms have a tab dedicated to FAQs, other firms have a “Resources” tab, which typically includes sub-tabs of “FAQs” and “Blogs.” Both are good options. Once you’ve done this, the next thing that needs to be easy to navigate is the FAQ page itself.
There are many different layouts you can choose when it comes to your FAQ page. Regardless of which style suits your firm’s aesthetic the most, we’d recommend having dedicated FAQ pages as well. Doing this is way more effective for improving SEO than just having one FAQ page. Why? Having dedicated FAQ pages makes it easier for your page to rank for a dedicated keyword, rather than having one page trying to rank for as many keywords as possible (this simply won’t be beneficial for anyone). The more high ranking web pages your site contains, the better for your site’s SEO.

Colorado Legal Group Website
FAQs for divorce and family law attorneys
FAQ page example

Improving SEO with Blog Content

In addition to FAQ pages, another great way to improve your law firm’s SEO is through high quality blog content. Similarly to FAQ pages, blog posts are a great way to target long-tail keywords, establish your law firm’s credibility, and generate traffic to your website. When it comes to law firm SEO, quality is more important than quantity. It’s better to have a handful of high-quality blog posts than a large number of low-quality blog posts. Your potential clients are more likely to read and trust a well-written blog post than a poorly written one. In addition, search engines are more likely to rank high-quality blog posts higher than low-quality ones. Whether you have someone in-house to write your blog content or you will be outsourcing blog content, your blog content needs to contain the following to be optimized to its fullest potential:
  • Choose your topic based off of keyword research
  • Use your keyword at least once per 200 words throughout the blog
  • For law firms a good blog length is about 750-850 words
  • Use proper paragraphs and headings (H1, H2, H3)
  • Include your keywords in the blog title, meta title, headers, and alt tags
  • Don’t keyword stuff!
  • Use at least 3 internal links
  • Use at least 1 outbound link
  • Always proofread
  • Post blog content consistently (try to aim for 1 blog post a month)
  • Install a SEO plugin (we love the Yoast SEO Plugin)
Yoast SEO plugin

Good SEO Requires Consistency

Law firm SEO is really an important part of acquiring new clients. While there are more several additional ways to improve your law firm’s SEO, having high-quality FAQ pages and blog content is a great way to establish your firm’s expertise and rank higher than competitors on various search engines. Having a strong SEO presence won’t happen overnight, it takes time and will need consistent upkeep. Think of SEO like a workout regimen. The only way to see results is to stay consistent and keep working on it. This may seem like a lot of work but it is necessary for every business regardless of their industry. Without a solid SEO presence, it will be extremely difficult for potential new clients to find your firm online. Whether you’ve been trying to improve your law firm’s existing SEO or you’re just getting started, we can help you get where you want to be. Our team of marketing experts specialize in SEO services and would be happy to help your firm outrank the competition. Contact us today at (303) 376-3449 to learn more about our SEO services.

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