Fast Growth for Family Law Firms Case Study


We see it all too often, “5x your leads,” “10 guaranteed new cases a month,” and such marketing claims to attorneys that a marketing agency or business is the solution to attorney’s problems. What these marketers fail to realize is that leads, consults, and clients are only one part of the equation. They don’t take into consideration client and case management, operational process, staffing, and so much more.

At Cardinal Concepts, we understand the holistic needs of a law firm due to the fact we run them ourselves with over 25 attorneys and 70 employees. This case study tells the story how one of our firms handled a 67%  year over year growth in both paid consultations and clients.

The Pandemic Push

Colorado Legal Group is a divorce and family law practice that was launched September 2018. After over-coming many of the challenges that go along with starting a law firm from scratch, 2019 saw a lot of growth including the addition of another attorney to the team. 2020 was poised to be a breakout year for the firm with January recording their highest volume of paid consultations the team had done to date and another attorney joining the team in February. In March, the world changed. Luckily, Colorado Legal Group was well positioned with advanced leadership and the necessary infrastructure for remote work. While many law firms struggled, Colorado Legal Group excelled throughout the initial pandemic period.

With a shared hunger for continued growth, their team inquired with Cardinal Concepts on what they could do to not only sustain their positive trajectory but amplify it.

Marketing Strategy

Partnering with the firm’s leadership, growth objectives were clearly laid out for 2021 with the desire to add two more attorneys to the team. Knowing this, Cardinal Concepts was able to accurately inform the team what was necessary from a lead generation perspective to support the additional attorneys and what marketing objectives would achieve this.

Operational Efficiencies Through Technology

In 2020, Colorado Legal Group was using Keap (FKA Infusionsoft) as their marketing CRM platform. For case management, ProLaw. While both platforms are powerful in their own right, they siloed information with the inability to integrate into each other creating time-consuming manual data input on the team. It was in 2020 that numerous CRM and client management softwares were vetted before purchasing what we believe to be the most powerful technology stack for small to medium size law firms possible and launched in 2021.

2021 By the Numbers

Colorado Legal Group blew past its goals and achieved incredible results in 2021 thanks to an integrated marketing and operations plan providing the best internal and external experience for employees and clients alike. 

Law Firm Attorney Photography

Growing a law firm has inherent challenges. As a divorce and family law attorney, I’m constantly handling tense and emotionally charged issues. Knowing that Cardinal Concepts is taking care of our client acquisition while constantly working to improve the client and team experience allows me to simply focus on obtaining the best outcomes for my clients.

– Lauren Shepherd, Esq. 

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