5 Tips to Improve Your Law Firm’s Google Map Pack Ranking

When potential clients are searching for a lawyer, they often begin their search through a search engine which is why it is so important for you to have a high Google map pack ranking. If your law firm is not appearing in the Google map pack, you are missing out on a lot of potential business. Keep reading to learn 5 easy tips you can take that will help improve your firm’s local map pack ranking and help you to rank in the number one spot.

Make Sure Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) is Accurate

One of the most important ranking factors Google takes into consideration is making sure your NAP (name, address, phone) information is accurate and consistent across all directories. If your law firm’s NAP information is not accurate or it is inconsistent, it will be difficult for potential clients to find you. Here’s a quick checklist of what your NAP information should look like:

  • Use the full business name (no abbreviations)
  • Remove any duplicate Google My Business listings or incorrect information
  • Build out every section that is relevant to your firm
  • Provide high quality photos and videos that highlight the individuals in your firm, your office space, and your location
  • Make sure your contact information (NAP) is visible on every page of your website

Leverage Reviews

Another important factor in Google map pack ranking is reviews. When potential clients see that your firm has positive reviews, it will help build trust and credibility. Having a stream of authentic 5-star reviews from actual clients will help showcase your business and service area expertise. Not to mention, great reviews also make for great social media posts. Here are a few tips for leveraging reviews:

  • Encourage your happy clients to leave a review on Google or other directories
  • Respond to your reviews, both positive and negative (this helps establish credibility and confirms services)
  • Make it easy for potential clients to leave a review by adding links to your Google My Business listing and other directories

Location Citations

Outside of Google My Business, you should create profiles for Facebook, Bing, Apple, Yelp, etc. Citations are mentions of your law firm’s NAP information on other websites. The more citations you have, the higher your law firm will rank in local search results. Those citation “backlinks” help Google credit your site and see those services you provide not just on Google but elsewhere as well. This will help establish your digital presence and maintain relevance. Here are a few tips for building citations:

  • List your law firm in relevant directories (legal, business, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
  • Make sure your NAP information is accurate and consistent across all directories
  • Include links to your website on all directory listings
  • Use Photos and Videos

Include Photos and Videos

People love visuals. Adding photos and videos to your website, directory profiles, and social media platforms will help attract potential clients and improve your local ranking. Create a warm view of your law firm by posting high quality photos and videos that showcase your firm, employees, and create a consistent brand appearance. Here are a few ideas for using photos and videos:

  • Take advantage of Google My Business’ photo feature by adding high-quality images of your office space, staff, location, etc.
  • Include a video tour of your office space on your website’s homepage
  • Post regular updates on social media platforms and directory profiles with photos and videos highlighting different aspects of your firm

Post Firm Updates

Make sure your law firm’s website and all directory listings are up-to-date. Google prefers to display current information to searchers because it is more relevant. If you have made any changes to your firm, such as a change of address, new services, or new staff members, make sure those changes are reflected on your website and all other directories. You can also improve your ranking by regularly adding new content to your website, such as blog posts, articles, or FAQs. Posting regular updates will show Google that your site is active and relevant. You should be posting on Google My Business about 2-4 times a month at the very minimum to help you stay fresh and relevant. This will keep your firm relevant and up to date within Google’s algorithm (which is constantly being updated).

Why Your Local Map Pack Ranking Matters

Your law firm’s Google map pack ranking is important for many reasons. First, it helps potential clients easily find your firm when they are searching for legal services in your area. Second, it builds trust and establishes credibility with potential clients by showcasing your positive reviews and location information. Third, it helps you stay relevant within Google’s constantly changing algorithm.  Lastly, your local map pack ranking is a primary factor to your firm’s  local SEO (search engine optimization).

When a potential new client searches “divorce attorney near me” only 3 results show up in the Google Map Pack, which is why it is so important that your firm is ranking high. Below is an example, you can see one of our clients based out of Denver, Colorado Legal Group, is ranking in that number one spot for both “divorce attorney near me” and “divorce attorney Denver”. Ideally you want your firm to be ranking number one as well, but making it into the top three is a great goal to start with. Once you break the top three, it’s time to take that number one spot.

We were able to help Colorado Legal Group attain that number one spot in the Google Map Pack by following all of the tips we listed above combined with a thoughtful and data-driven SEO strategy and we can do it for your firm too. If you’re ready to improve your Google Map Pack ranking and steal that number one spot contact us today! You will receive a free, no obligation 20 minute strategy session and a free competitive analysis. It’s time to start experiencing growth without the growing pains.


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